Industrial complex with building capacity and agricultural land

For sale industrial complex with building capacity as well as agricultural land, located in Alghero (SS), Olmedo, in the Rudas Region. Access to the property is via a driveway gate along the SP19, at the roundabout where the SS291 and SS127 bis also converge. The property is located in a suburban area with low population density.According to the Municipality's PUC, the property falls into the category "D2.4 Single industrial buildings in the area". This category includes areas and nuclei identified in the floor plans already fully or partially built. The Plan is currently awaiting approval, after examination by the Sardinia Region.The property as a whole consists of 3 different buildings: industrial plant; 1 factory building for workshop, offices and services and 1 factory building for canteen, technical rooms and electrical substation. All this insists on a private area of ​​21,240 square meters, entirely fenced.Building "A" - industrial building: rectangular shape, H 13.50 m. Column structure in reinforced concrete and masonry with pitched roof in sheet metal supported by metal trusses. Perimeter walls largely unfinished and in some places covered with sheet metal panels.Buildings "B" - "C" - "D" - "E" - "F" - "G" - ancillary rooms: internal heights varying from Hmin 3.70m to max 10m. All the rooms have perimeter walls in masonry and pitched roofs in sheet metal that rest on metal structures.Buildings "H" - "L" - "O" - changing rooms and Buildings "I" - "M" - "N" - showers / bathrooms: made of masonry, with pitched roofs in sheet metal with internal heights varying from Hmin 2, 20m to max 6.30m. Partially painted, aluminum or metal frames, toilets with stoneware floors and walls.Building "P" - canteen and Building "Q" - technical rooms / electrical substation: in masonry with pitched roof with H 3.60m. Exterior walls painted, metal frames.The property is in a poor state of maintenance and is occupied (unlike what is indicated in the appraisal).Total commercial area: 3,279 m2Gross surfacesBUILDINGS - A: 1,717 m2; B: 314 sq m; C: 140 sq m; D: 291 m2; E: 338 m2; F: 32 m2; G: 35 m2; H: 163 m2; I: 92 m2; L: 38 m2; M: 60 sq m; N: 5 m2; O: 6 m2; P: 71 m2; Q: 54 sq.m.Building volume (envisaged by the PUC): 63,720 cubic metersExisting volume: 30,864 cubic metersBuilding residual volume: 32.856 mcON the residual: 5,476 m2Full ownership of:Industrial building (CF): Sheet 29 - Particle 134 - Cat D / 7Court (CT): Sheet 29 - Particles 36, 40 and 41 Visita l'immobile:


  • Contratto : Vendita
  • Riferimento : 10534
  • Tipologia: Capannone
  • Comune: Alghero
  • Prezzo: 583.270 €
  • Mq: 3.279
  • Classe energetica:
  • I.P.E.:N.D.

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  • Importo richiesto : 583.270 €
  • Mutuo finanziato: 291.635 €
  • Durata mutuo: 30 anni
  • TAN: 2.28%
  • TAEG: 2,41%
  • LTV: 50%
  • Liquidità iniziale: 291.635 €

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